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Our team of cryptocurrency experts have been working in the industry for years. We're here to make your life easier by providing you with a safe and secure way to buy cryptocurrencies quickly, with no hassle.

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Alexandra Simionescu 

Head of marketing

She is a marketing executive with expertise in cryptocurrency. Provides competitive intelligence for 2-million and monitors KPI and trends in communities to inform overall marketing and product strategy. Unlocks new user growth through content marketing, social media campaigns. Spearheading the rapid growth in users from the 2-Million ecosystem through user segmentation and product offerings integration. Partnering with other parties to offer exciting incentives to use the platform. Innovating new ways to increase brand awareness.


Milo Brown

Head of Operations

He is the driving force in leading expansion plans for the market and shaping the plan for launching new services while ensuring strong coordination with government relations. Works with relevant departments to help them develop new strategies to relentlessly push operational standards to the next level, shape the business model, and execute accordingly. Works extensively with the tech team to refine 2-millions user experience and inform management strategy decisions. He helps to coordinate local key marketing activities, such as developing new partnerships and organizing key events.

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Carine Lima

Clients Executive

She provides the highest level of customer service to new and existing customers of 2-Millions services. Enables a swift and rapid onboarding process. She acts as a bridge between customer success and works closely with internal stakeholders to ensure issues are reported quickly and efficiently. Communicates with customers on multiple channels, including tickets, emails and live-chat. Helps answer customer queries regarding our transaction issues on wallet issues, blockchain, exchange and other product lines.


Rowan Mclean

Head of IT

Involved in investigating and resolving technical questions related to functioning of the 2-Million ecosystem. He Provides technical support and handles urgent escalation from external or internal parties with high-volume transaction traffic. Strong collaboration, communication and interaction with all. He is very flexible with capability to prioritize multiple incidents and deadlines in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving organization. He has High responsibility in continuous improvement in service quality and efficiency.


Hajir Tofighi


Managing Director
Setting the overall direction of the company
Apportionment of responsibilities
Business Development
Oversight of systems and controls/ Governance

Tel:    020 7052 8444

Wpp: 020 3488 3830

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